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K-3 Plus Program

TCES is a K-3 Plus school since 2012.
and District Offices

Location and Mailing address: 180 N. Date St.
Truth or Consequences, N.M. 87901
Phone: 575-894-8150   

The mission of the Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools, the heart of our community, is to inspire and nurture students to dream and develop the ability to pursue their dreams with courage and integrity through educational excellence reflective of academic achievement, cultural values, historical perspective, and future opportunities fostered by a dedicated and committed staff. 
  • K-12 Special Education Teacher needed - call 575-894-8166
  • 2013-14 School Grades
    NEW!! School Grades are available Click here or go to PED website
    Call Celina at 575-894-8166 to apply.
  • Secondary Common Core Standards

     Guides are now available for secondary grade levels which provide an overview of what your child will learn by the end of their respective grade in mathematics and English language arts/literacy. It focuses on the key skills your child will learn in these subjects, which will build a strong foundation for success in the other subjects he or she studies throughout the school year. This guide is based on the new Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by more than 40 states. These K–12 standards are informed by the highest state standards from across the country. If your child is meeting the expectations outlined in these standards, he or she will be well prepared for the given grade.

  • Power School Parent Portal
    If you have access to Power School from last year but need to update your information please contact your child's school secretary to do so. If you are needing a username and password to access your child's information in Power School, click on the announcement title to download an application to obtain a copy.
Breakfast/Lunch Menus

              Road Runner Food Bank 
   We are very excited to announce that TCES/SEC will be participating in the Roadrunner Food Bank Program for
the 2014-2015 school year. The food bank is a wonderful way to assist those who may need some extra help with
food during the month. Our grant provides assistance for 50 families. To be eligible, you must have a financial need
and your child must currently be enrolled at TCES/SEC (Pre-K through 5th).  

As part of the program, we will  be offering  a short continuing education class each month on subjects that parents
want to know more about. We are calling this our Parent University. Our first meeting and hand out of food was a success.
We very much appreciate the volunteers from the Masonic Lodge and the  Men's Auxiliary VFW #3317 that
prepared the family boxes. Below are pictures of the volunteers preparing the boxes. Volunteers include are:

Terry Miller, Dennis Anderson, Ron Mannon, Jack Gray, Mark Theall, Tor Roberts