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The mission of the Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools, the heart of our community, is to inspire and nurture students to dream and develop the ability to pursue their dreams with courage and integrity through educational excellence reflective of academic achievement, cultural values, historical perspective, and future opportunities fostered by a dedicated and committed staff. 
K-3 Plus

TCES is a K-3 Plus school since 2012.

  • 2015-16 Bus Routes
    Revised bus routes have been post for the2015-16 school year. Click here to see the new routes
    Call Jennie at 575-894-8166 to apply.
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  • Power School Parent Portal
    If you have access to Power School from last year but need to update your information please contact your child's school secretary to do so. If you are needing a username and password to access your child's information in Power School, click on the announcement title to download an application to obtain a copy.

Spaceport Visitors Center Grand Opening
June 24, 2015

19 students and staff spent the day touring the Visitors Center and taking a bus ride out to Spaceport America
where a tour was provided of the different facilities and experiences in the Visitors Center. Lunch was also provided
on the floor of the Virgin Galactic Hanger.